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Chiropractor in Carlsbad, CA 92011

Dr. Paul Hodgson and his fantastic team at New Wave Chiropractic Center in Carlsbad attract some of the most challenging health cases from around the world.  Chiropractic has long been known to alleviate back pain, neck pain, headaches, and many other symptoms, however the real benefit is in getting your entire body balanced: physically, emotionally, spiritually, and chemically.  When this is achieved life becomes fun again, and you can focus on your higher purpose in life.

Carlsbad Chiropractic  Clinic - A Beacon of Hope

Dr. Paul Hodgson has significant experience in a wide variety of cases but his passion is in correcting chronic spinal issues and in optimizing health in families.   His experience includes founding a chiropractic healing center in Peru and working with the Life Chiropractic Center in San Diego where he had the opportunity to work with a wide range of cases, from infants to athletes and severe spinal disc injuries.  Currently he specializes in problems involving the head and neck, such as migraines neck pain, forward head posture and TMJD.  His educational background includes studies in biomechanics, kinesiology, and physiology at Gonzaga University along with his doctorate from Life Chiropractic College West.  His mission is to create a brighter future for humanity by serving the communities of Carlsbad, Encinitas, San Marcos, Oceanside, and Vista.  Because of his expertise he is highly sought after as a healer and presenter around the world.

Dr. Hodgson's personable, friendly approach is complimented by advanced technology and techniques that make chiropractic care possible for patients of all ages. He also offers a special focus on athletes and helps them achieve their peak performance through a combination of adjustments, corrective exercises, and nutritional and lifestyle counseling.

Chiropractic care with Dr. Paul Hodgson and New Wave Chiropractic Center begins with a thorough evaluation of the spine, nerve system, and overall health.  Based on what is found a program of adjustments to the spine may be recommended, as well as other methods such as corrective exercises, yoga, cleansing and nutritional supplementation,  which are all powerful tools in relieving pain, improving posture, and clearing up serious symptoms such as headaches and migraines.

Nutritional counseling and lifestyle advice add to the services we offer at New Wave Chiropractic Center in Carlsad.  Ensuring abundant nutrient supply through healthy food and when necessary supplements, as well as avoiding and minimizing environmental toxins all contribute to a healthier lifestyle and allow the body to heal.

Let us help get you back on the road to health, free from back and neck pain, headaches and migraines, sciatica, fibromyalgia, TMJ/TMJD or injuries such as whiplash that result from a car accident injury. Call us today at 760-683-5942 to make an appointment with Dr. Paul Hodgson at New Wave Chiropractic Center today. You deserve better health and we can help you get there.

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